seduced my teacher

This is a story of how I seduced my teacher. I was a student with poor grades because my mind was almost always on sex - I got terrible grades and my parents were constantly called to school. This was in high school, when I was practically graduating, and exams were coming up. I had already turned 18, and all I could think about was how to get laid as soon as possible. My parents forced me to go to the tutor, and at first I did not like this idea very much, but it was there that I met my dream man. He was a young tall blond man with blue eyes and a rather powerful build. He was teaching me math. As any diligent student should, I didn't miss his classes, but at one point things went beyond just studying. While Matt (his name) was telling me a lot about logarithms, I decided to go easy on him and put my hand on his fly. His eyes widened in amazement, which made my embarrassment lessen. But I didn't know that at the time. Matthew was noble and moral enough not to notice my embarrassment. He watched my every move carefully. I decided to be more explicit, so in an instant I undid the button on his pants, pulled down his underpants, and his huge, hot cock was in front of me. It didn't even occur to me what would happen next, though I was well aware of how my impertinence might end. At first I just played with him, letting him get used to it. And then he started moaning, his buttock muscles tensing as I continued to caress his cock. This went on for about ten minutes, me caressing his dick in every way I could: stroking the head, touching his balls. At one point he clenched himself firmly in the chair, and then he started cumming hard, pouring his hot sperm all over my uniform and my hands.
The whole thing came as a big shock to us, but you couldn't say we didn't enjoy it. After that I started to attend Matt's classes with even more enthusiasm, each time revealing more and more veils of debauchery.
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4 weeks ago
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