This story begins with my marriage

This story begins with my marriage. A couple of months went by, and my husband and I were invited by our former classmates to the dacha. As we arrived, we were welcomed - at that moment the party was in full swing. There were five people in all. My husband doesn't drink much, but this time he drank too much and passed out. We walked outside and they took him inside to sleep it off. The socializing was going very nicely, but one of the girls, Michelle, wanted to pee. I volunteered to walk her out.

While she was doing that, we happened to be met by one of the boys, John. He smirked and went back inside. As soon as we got there, he suggested we all play a game of strip cards. And that's where the fun part started. The game started, but quickly everyone was left in their underwear and there was no point in playing anymore, so it was decided to start playing for a wish, which we did. Unnoticeably for everyone, this game slowly evolved into the fact that everyone began to kiss each other, and then fuck each other hard.

I lost track of the time - the alcohol and the intense interest had taken its toll. I didn't remember much of the card game, but I did remember my friend Michelle being greedily pulled on his cock by John and his friend Jacob. It was a real double-penetration. I tried to join in as quickly as possible, and now I was actively helping this sweet trio with my hands and lips. I greedily kissed Michelle on the lips with my tongue and touched her breasts, pulling her nipples back in time with her moans while John and Jacob fucked her in the ass and in her vagina. This frenzy went on for about 15 minutes, after which John gently poked me on the shoulder, inviting me to lie on top of Michelle. So I did, and now we were both being fucked in our wet holes with huge dicks. Our symphony of moans was so loud that I thought my husband was going to wake up and see me like this, but this only made me more excited.

Luckily, everything worked out, and my husband slept like a dead man after drinking a huge amount of alcohol, so Michelle, John, and Jacob and I were able to finish our business. The boys cum profusely on our butts, after which we all bathed in the local river and continued to party like nothing had happened.
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