My half sister

At that time, I was 23 years old, and I stayed in the house with my half-sister, who was 2 years younger than me. My parents had gone to visit relatives and we were left to look after the house, it was already evening outside and the wind was blowing hard. My sister was sitting in her room listening to music. As soon as I wanted to check how she was doing, suddenly the light went out and I had to look for a flashlight. My sister surprisingly came out of her room to find out what had happened to the power.

She came out in a short tank top that hugged her breasts and equally short shorts. My sister decided to go to bed now that the lights were out. I, in turn, looked into her room, and saw an unimaginable sight. She was lying on her back, not even covered by a blanket. Her legs were spread and her breasts were heaving gently in time with her breathing. It was clear that she was sleeping very soundly, I touched her nipples and began to gently knead her beautiful breasts, my cock was so hard that I could not help but take it out of my pants and began to masturbate.

While I was fondling her, I wanted something more, so I started pulling down her short shorts and panties. To my surprise, there was no pubic hair. I ran my hand over her labia and climbed onto her bed. I lifted myself up over her and fumbled for the hole with my finger and began slowly inserting my cock in there. It was an incredible feeling - it was warm in there, and I could feel my cock touching every wall and crease. I started fucking her more actively, after that my sister opened her eyes abruptly, but I wrapped my arms around her so she couldn't escape.

She was a little scared, but she didn't protest, she just started moaning softly. Soon she stopped resisting me completely. At one point she even began to move in time with me. I felt my orgasm approaching, I pressed myself against her and cummed on her pubis. Through extremely heavy breathing, she called me a fool, then went back to sleep, wrapped in a blanket and snorted. I really got a lot of emotion out of that day, and a unique experience that came in handy many times later with my half-sister and beyond.
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