Christine had always loved sex. This girl realized she couldn't live without it when she lost her virginity at her coming of age in the bathroom. Now she is 25, and she has already tried a lot. For her there are no special restrictions on sex - if she saw a guy or a man she wanted, she always got her way.

And in this she was perfectly helped by her attractive appearance. Men used to stand in line for a good fuck with this sexy nymphomaniac. Christine never had a steady partner. Every man in her life came to her by chance. And after sex with him the girl always lost interest in him. Alice fucked teachers at the university, doctors at the clinic and just strangers, whom she picked up in nightclubs and bars. She didn't shy away from her work colleagues or clients either.

Once after a meeting, she felt a strong desire to have sex with a client who had ordered advertising from their firm. When the meeting, at which they discussed economic issues, ended, Alice followed the client out of the office and saw that he was going to the bathroom. The girl did not hesitate to follow him into the men's room, locking the door behind her so no one would disturb them. This little brat immediately started hitting on the man, touching his dick in every way possible while he was doing his business. The man, surprisingly, did not resist this attention - on the contrary. He let Christine masturbate him after he had peed. She joyfully made forward and backward movements, touching his cock.

This went on until he cum violently, soiling the urinal rim. Christine only giggled and left the bathroom satisfied. So another day in the life of a nymphomaniac passed.
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