My first bi sex

My name is John. I have recently become fascinated with bi-sex. I watched a lot of videos, read various stories, joined thematic communities, etc. And one day, in one of these groups I came across an ad: "A married couple looking for a guy who will give a blowjob to the husband in the presence of the wife". I immediately wrote them, since they were from my city.

After a couple of days, they replied that they didn't mind meeting. We decided that the meeting would be in the park in the evening the next day.

A woman of balzac age and a guy much younger than her came to the meeting. He looked about 20 years old. Both had a good build, which I liked. We sat in a cafe and had a few drinks. Then they hinted to me that they couldn't wait any longer. We went out to the park and found a bench away from the main paths. The guy sat down on the bench and asked me if I had changed my mind. I let him know by my actions that I was completely ready-I squatted down and unbuttoned his pants. His girlfriend sat down next to me and started guiding me to get his cock out as quickly as possible.

I began to lightly caress it, licking the head and stroking his testicles. My dick stood up almost instantly. It was big enough. I started sucking it, caressing it with my other hand. The guy really liked it. His girlfriend came close and watched with rapt attention.

Perhaps the really surprising moment for me was when the girl asked me to undress - and this despite the fact that there were still people outside. I don't know why, but I agreed. I let my cock out of my mouth, stood up, and quickly stripped naked. After which I put my stuff next to me on the bench and lowered myself to my cock again. The girl, on the other hand, went around behind me and put my hands behind my back. The guy, meanwhile, took me by the head and started thrusting his cock on me. I got even more excited. The girl noticed this, and then coquettishly began to caress my body and my cock, while her boyfriend began to put my mouth on his cock even faster. At one point he abruptly began to cum, and I had to swallow all the liquid he was pouring down my throat. After I swallowed it all, he took his cock out, wiped it on my face and, satisfied, leaned back on the bench.
From the look of his girlfriend, she was horny, too. I said I was ready to give her cunnilingus, whereupon she lifted her legs, lifted her skirt, and pulled her panties aside. In the same position I began to lick her pussy, actively working her clit. She didn't last a minute and cum, pressing my head against her pussy. At this point we parted ways. I never learned the names of the two men.
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4 weeks ago
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