Sex with an unfamiliar beauty

I haven't had a woman in a very long time, but I can't say that I'm not an adventurer. One day I was just walking down a deserted street, and I decided to get a soda from a vending machine. As I was putting in my coins to pay for it, a tall, brown-eyed and dark-haired girl of about 25 came up to me. She asked what it was I was doing here, though obviously it was just a pretext to start a dialogue.

At first it caused me almost no surprise - I am pretty enough, and girls often come up to me just to get acquainted. But this girl was something else: she immediately offered me to sleep with her. And I didn't even know her name! I was rather taken aback by this offer, but I still decided to take my chances.

"You never know how it will turn," I thought. I said yes to my new friend, and then she and I went to the nearest hotel, where we rented a room for the night. It seems that the girl sitting in the reception area was already beginning to guess everything as soon as she saw us.

So, we got a room and immediately started having sex. I began to caress the girl in every way, and at the same time helped her to undress. We got naked pretty quickly, and then she pushed me on the bed and sat on top of me. She took the condom out of her panties, unzipped it and quickly put it on me, after which she wet my cock with her saliva and sat on it. She did all this as skillfully as possible, and I felt like I was in seventh heaven. We had sex all night long - there were a lot of positions, and it would take hours to describe the whole process. I think I came about five times during the night... When I woke up, the stranger was long gone. She didn't leave me a business card, so I couldn't get in touch with her. She did, however, leave me a small memento of what had happened, a bracelet of her own.

It was a very strange but very cool day.
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4 weeks ago
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